Steric takes an innovative approach to food manufacturing and commerce. We pioneered the private label sector in Australia. In1978 we began producing the very first private label range for a leading Australian grocery brand.

Steric produces a wide range of private label food products for the biggest names in the supermarket sector in Australia and New Zealand. We’ve built a loyal following in the supermarket sector due to our ability to produce large quantities of food products to exacting standards and to extremely tight quality control measures.

In some liquid categories, we produce more product by volume than any other food manufacturer in Australia. We don’t just produce substantial quantities of private label products; the private label products we produce also offer substantial value – both for our clients and for consumers.

If you are considering expanding your private label line of products, talk to the pioneers of private label food manufacturing in Australia.


At Steric we have a proven track record in reproducing recipes in mass quantities to exacting standards for our clients. We have been doing it for decades, utilising our team of food scientists, our industry leading Quality Assurance processes, and one of the most technologically advanced
commercial food production facilities in the Southern Hemisphere.

From our dedicated facilities in Sydney, the Steric team can ensure the faithful mass production of your unique recipe while ensuring product integrity is maintained. Behind the scenes, our R&D and Quality Assurance professionals use their years of experience to ensure that your original recipe is reproduced in all its uniqueness.


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