At Steric we can design and mass produce quality, innovative and reliable packaging solutions for clients for both liquid foods and dry powder products.

Perhaps you want to expand your range and start offering your products in a variety of new volumes. Perhaps you want a more individual shape or style of packaging to give your product more shelf appeal for consumers, or to make it more economical to store or transport. Or maybe you want to make your packaging more sustainable and friendly to the environment.

Whatever your packaging needs, our R&D team has the capabilities to creatively design it and economically produce it for you. And because we manufacture a wide range of PET bottles in-house at our advanced manufacturing and production facility in Sydney, your preferred bottle is always in stock when you need it.

Talk to the Steric team today if you’re looking for better ways to package your products.


At Steric we have a proven track record in reproducing recipes in mass quantities to exacting standards for our clients. We have been doing it for decades, utilising our team of food scientists, our industry leading Quality Assurance processes, and one of the most technologically advanced
commercial food production facilities in the Southern Hemisphere.

From our dedicated facilities in Sydney, the Steric team can ensure the faithful mass production of your unique recipe while ensuring product integrity is maintained. Behind the scenes, our R&D and Quality Assurance professionals use their years of experience to ensure that your original recipe is reproduced in all its uniqueness.



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