Foodservices – Steric, Australia’s Most Trusted Food Manufacturer

At Steric, we make great products that are designed for use in the foodservice industry. Foodservice and hospitality industry leaders all over Australia rely on Steric products every day to delight their customers.

Steric Foodservice was officially launched in the early 1990s. The launch of Steric Foodservice marked the company’s fully-fledged commitment to building a strong long-term foodservice business. Steric Foodservice is about enabling businesses across the entire foodservice sector to access and use a product created for them that are not available to retail customers.

With Steric, foodservice operators of all sizes have a quality, Australian made and owned option that they can trust is both consistent and fit for their purpose.

The breadth and depth of our range of products for foodservice is extensive. Steric can stock your kitchen with top-quality products, all made in Australia from sauces to Cordials, toppings, oils, and beverages.

Produced locally at our state-of-the-art facility in Sydney by a team of leading food scientists and product development experts. All Steric products deliver premium, multi-national quality at honest Australian price points.

Steric products are used extensively across the foodservice industry, including healthcare, aged care, QSR, pubs, clubs, restaurants, and café’s. Steric supply all the major foodservice distributors across Australia, making access easy and convenient for our valued end users.

We have cultivated longstanding relationships with the foodservice industry by consistently supplying a quality product at a competitive price. We will continue to innovate and create new lines for use in this vibrant and creative sector.



The Benefits of using sauce in your foodservice kitchen

chef pouring sauce

All chefs learn about the importance of sauces in a foodservice kitchen during their training. They also learn how to make different sauces, and what sauces go best with which foods. But it’s always worth refreshing the memory of the benefits of using sauce to enhance food. Sauces have many benefits including adding flavour, adding […]

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Why is vegetable oil so popular in foodservice kitchens?

Cooking oil is a staple in every Australian foodservice kitchen. Most commercial kitchens will use a variety of oils depending on the type of food being prepared. Vegetable oil is popular because it is inexpensive, has no distinctive flavour so it won’t alter the dish, and can be used for a variety of foods. In […]

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Why we reformulated our hot chilli sauce?


At Steric, we’ve reformulated our Sunshine Hot Chilli sauce after listening to feedback from the foodservice market. Our customers, particularly those who own and operate kebab shops in Australia told us our Hot Chilli sauce needed some tweaks including halal certification to be included on their order list. As well as the halal certification, we […]

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