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While Australia’s fish and chip history can be traced back to 1879 and a small takeaway shop in Sydney, the modern history of our love affair with battered fish and chips owes a great deal to Mary Mack’s Instant Batter Mix.

An icon of Far North Queensland, Mary Mack’s Instant Batter Mix hails from the tiny coastal town of Innisfail, where locals Mary and John McCormick developed what would become Mary Mack’s Instant Batter Mix in their home kitchen. They were searching for that unique, secret ingredient that would set their fish and chips apart from what other takeaway shops in town were offering. And what they came up with was an innovation – a quality, easy-to-mix ready-made batter, as suitable and easy to use in home kitchens as it was in the McCormick’s takeaway shop in Innisfail. The secret was a carefully crafted formula that simply needed water added to create delicious, crunchy batter for fish, as well as for a variety of other battered dishes.

The McCormick’s battered fish and chips soon became the talk of the town. Up and down the Far North Queensland coast it gained a wide following. A local supermarket approached the couple about creating a retail instant batter mix product.

They soon sold their takeaway shop and focused on commercialising their product and launching it Australia-wide. Their focus was on the packaging and supplying of their instant batter mix to retail, and also to the foodservice industry. A testament to its quality, demand for Mary Mack’s Instant Batter Mix grew organically through word of mouth and it soon became the batter mix product of choice for both home chefs and commercial chefs. Today Mary Mack’s Instant Batter Mix can be found on supermarket shelves and in-home kitchens Australia-wide.


The Mary Mack difference

Mary Mack’s Instant Batter Mix brand remains a wholly owned Australian brand made from 99% Australian grown ingredients. It contains no preservatives, no artificial colourings or flavourings, and is a popular choice when creating battered seafood, chicken, and vegetable dishes.

Following the retail success of Mary Mack’s Instant Batter Mix, the company launched a second product. Mary Mack’s Koating Mix was created to provide a simple, multi-purpose instant coating mix perfect for use with all types of seafood, meat, chicken, and vegetables. Mary Mack’s Koating Mix enhances the taste of any dish it is added to.

Mary Mack’s brand and products are now part of the Steric family, where we are honoured to continue on the Mary Mack story. From our headquarters in Sydney we continue to create Mary Mack products based on the same formula and ingredients that Mary and John McCormick perfected in their Innisfail fish and chips shop 40 years ago. Both Mary Mack products can be found on supermarket shelves Australia-wide.

Mary Mack’s Instant Batter Mix

Available in 150gm sachets (retail), and 10kg, 15kg, and 25kg bags (foodservice only).

  • Economical and easy to use. Simply add water for a perfect batter every time. No eggs or
    milk are required.
  • Ideal for all battering needs (seafood, banana, pineapple nuggets, dagwood dogs, chicken,
    pork, or vegetables such as potato scallops).
  • There is no need to add eggs or milk when using as a batter.
  • Pure consistency instantly – no lumps and no need to let the batter stand before use.
  • Long shelf life.
  • Use as a food extender to make a small amount of food go further.
  • Batter can be made as thick or thin as you like.
  • Convenience – do all your deep and shallow frying in one batter and one oil. There is no
    transfer of taste between products.
  • Can be used as a breadcrumb base, instead of eggs and milk, just mix up a small quantity of
    Mary Mack’s Instant Batter.
  • Alternative – use as a pancake mix where eggs and milk are added.

Mary Mack’s Instant Koating Mix

Available in 80gm retail and 2kg (foodservice only).

  • Easy to use: Simply moisten food with water, then roll in Mary Mack’s Instant Koating Mix or
    shake in a bag.
  • Economical: 80gms of Mary Mack’s Koating Mix covers approximately 2kgs of product.
  • Ideal for shallow frying, deep frying, or baking.
  • Specially formulated mixture for use on all your favourite foods such as seafood, meat,
    chicken, vegetables, or potato wedges.
  • Enhances the flavour of every dish.